Learn How To Turn Your Website Into A Money Making Machine

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  • Short Actionable lessons that you or your VA can implement to improve your website's results.
  • New training added every month across a range of topics: speed, conversions, leads, SEO, security, user experience and more...
  • Have your specific questions answered in the forum.
  • Consulting available to guide you through your action plan with quarterly reviews.
  • Discounted developer support for the parts you don't want to do yourself.
While we are preparing this membership you can take this free mini course and we'll let you know when the full membership opens.

5 Fundamentals of a High-Performance Website

It's easy to build a website that 'looks nice'. But does it make you money?
Do you feel like your website could be performing better as a money-making asset for your business?
Feel like it's time to level up your website, but not sure where to start or what needs to change?

In this mini-course you will learn:

  1. How to optimize your website so that more paying customers find you.
  2. How to overcome the biggest barrier between you and your customers.
  3. The single most valuable source of new customers for your business.
  4. The most overlooked problem that your website probably has.
  5. How to guide website visitors into long-term paying customers.

This is for you if:

 Your website is holding you back from getting the business results you deserve, adding stress to your life that you really don't need.
 A few tweaks to lift your website conversions would translate into solid returns on your ad and marketing investment.
 Your business is a winner, but you have not yet grown to the point where you can pay the various service providers to do it all for you.
 You want to provide training to someone in your team to learn how to implement these website improvements for your business.
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About Evergreen Profit

G'day, I'm Justin Meadows,
Since 2009 I have been helping business owners like you improve the performance of your website.

From the start, this has been a lifestyle business that allows me (and all of my team) to work from home (shoes optional).

This has given me the freedom and flexibility to travel for a year and balance being a full-time single dad with growing my business.

I started out improving SEO for clients' websites, then provided wholesale development services to marketing agencies and now our team work directly with hundreds of business owners in a range of industries all over the world.
The next mission is to improve your website to get the freedom and lifestyle you want.
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5 Fundamentals of a High-Performance Website
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